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Art Plaque Prints

Art Plaques, made using a trademarked process, result in attractive, affordable, ready-to-hang prinst at significantly less cost than traditional framing.  Three styles to choose from.

What are Art Plaques™?

Art Plaques are a less expensive alternative to traditional framing, resulting in an attractive, high quality product which will look fabulous on your wall. These plaques are durable and easy to clean. You will have no concern about finger print smudges or getting dirt on the surface if they happen to be mounted in a not-so-clean environment. Just wipe the surface clean. They are great for children's artwork.

The Art Plaque Process

The Art Plaque process is unique in that the print is dry mounted to medium density fiberboard (MDF) then sealed with heat and pressure. The process involves placing acid free dry mount tissue between the print and the MDF. The three layers are then heat pressed which activates the dry mount tissue resulting is a flat, permanent mount.

UV Protection

The next step is to apply a special vinyl lamination to the print surface and heat press again to seal it. The resulting non-glare matte finish has 80% UV protection .


Finally, a beveled edge is applied, giving the piece an attractive, finished look. You have a choice of 12 colors for the edge.

You now have a ready-to-hang print which should last a lifetime.

Durable and Easy to Clean

Your professional looking print will be durable and less susceptible to scratches than those produced with glossy laminates. It can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Or you can use a household cleaner such as Windex. There will be no damage to the surface.

Three Styles

The Art Plaque prints come in three styles: Lite, Float and Box.


The Lite style is produced by the process described above on 3/8" MDF. The resulting print will hang flush on your wall.


The popular Float style is the same as the Lite, but it has a 1" recessed box frame attached to the back of the 1/4" MDF. The print appears to "float" 1 1/4" off the wall.


The Box style Art Plaques are 1/8" think. They have a 1" box behind the picture, flush with the picture's edge, which brings the piece out from the wall. The box finish comes in the same 12 colors which are available for the edges. The bevel of the plaque and the box will be the same color.


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